3 Popular Cosmetic Dental Procedures

A majority of dental procedures serve to improve a person’s oral health. We also offer cosmetic procedures to our patients. An exemplary smile can be a source of improved self-esteem. Missing or broken teeth have a negative social impact on people.

When you look good, you feel good. This is especially true when it comes to your smile. The following are 3 descriptions of common cosmetic dental operations that Mesa orthodontics provides.

Teeth Whitening – In-office teeth whitening is the most common form of cosmetic dentistry offered. There are professional kits you can use at home, but they aren’t as effective as having it done by a dentist. Professional teeth whitening is safer, quicker, and more effective than using a whitening kit. Many people choose to have it done by a dentist because of the improved results.

Dental Implants – Unfortunately you might experience cracking or chipping in a tooth. This is more of an issue with older patients. Cracked or broken teeth can sometimes be remedied via a filling or root canal. If the tooth is too far gone, the dentist may have to extract it.

Some people consider having a missing tooth to be unsightly. If this is you, consider getting a dental implant. During this procedure, a fake tooth is screwed directly into your jaw bone. The connection is sturdy and lasts forever in most cases. After that, you have a natural looking tooth. Dentists even color match the fake tooth to match adjacent natural teeth. This is a much better option than the hassle of having dentures.

Dental Crowns – A crown is a way to fix a tooth with a severe cavity. Crowns remedy a cavity that is not so severe the tooth requires extraction. A tooth requiring a crown is bad enough a simple filling won’t do the trick, though. Crowns are placed over the damaged tooth. The procedure takes a little longer than a traditional filling. It is also slightly more expensive. Crowns are a popular way to fix a damaged tooth. With our crowns, most people differentiate the new tooth from the natural teeth adjacent to it.

These are just three of the most popular dental procedures offered in our office. We can handle any oral health situation you are experiencing. If you feel you are in need of immediate dental attention, contact us today. We also offer 24 emergency service for those in severe pain.