robison orthodontics

Tooth pain can strike at any time. It may come at a period where you are not financially ready for it. We do not want our patients to stress about personal finances as a result of a dental procedure. We work with both insured and uninsured individuals and families.


Our office accepts any major form of dental insurance. We are also part of most major dental insurance networks. It is rare that one of our insured patients isn’t covered. You can rest assured that your provider will work with us to cover any required dental procedure.


If you have an expensive dental procedure coming up, you could receive a discount if you prepay. With medical and dental bills, every dollar counts. Any discount serves as a way to save money on the portion of your bill not covered by your insurance provider.


For those who qualify, there are also financing options. We work directly with a third-party lender to offer dental care loans. The application process is quick and easy. It can be completed in the waiting room while you are waiting. Dental financing gives you more financial freedom.


There is also the option of a dental credit card. They work in the same manner any traditional credit card works. The only difference is they are primarily used for medical and dental bills. Like financing, the application process is quick and simple. A dental credit card can go a long way towards relieving the pressure dental bills create.


If you are self-paying and do not qualify for financing, we are willing to work with you on a payment plan. Our primary goal is to help our patients receive top-notch oral health, not drain them for profits. Never shirk going to the dentist due to cost if you are in extreme pain.


We take all forms of payment. This includes cash, check, and credit card.